At WODSQD, not only do we want to help you improve your health and wellness, we pride ourselves on building a community. A community filled with like minded health and wellness enthusiasts who are willing to share their highs, lows and amazing stories on their fitness journeys.

We know the importance of having a strong team backing, and how working together as a collective we can ensure you reach your goals with a sustainable and pragmatic manner. And at the core of our community, is you…and as well as you, we couldn’t have done any of it without our Squad!

Here is a few notes from some of our long standing Squad members.
(if you’d like to add your own testimonial, email us at info@wodsqd.co.uk)

Thank you squad!
Alex Ben Charlie

“WODSQD is the best thing that has happened to my daily routine in recent months!
Alex, Ben and Charlie are truly dedicated and most fun guys to deal with.
The workouts are different every time, and despite pushing yourself to your limits,
you are still looking forward to the next one.
Could not praise them enough!”

Anya W

“These workouts are something else!
I don’t know what i’d have done without the WODSQD guys
and the rest of the squad throughout lockdown!
A variety of HIIT and strength, these guys offer something for everyone
and even options for all ability levels.
Watch out for leg day…you’ve been warned.”

Ellie B

“WODSQD is a great concept. Daily workouts to do at home, designed by three highly trained fitness professionals that don’t leave you feeling isolated and unfit.
I LOVE IT! and recommend giving them a follow and joining an InstaLive workout.
You’ll be sweaty, but hooked!”

Leila A.

“Lockdown has been a time of reflection for me, getting fit and healthy is
something i’ve wanted for a while,
but lacked the self-motivation.
Along with two of my colleagues, we have been joining forces with our favourite SQD!
Alex, Ben and Charlie (ABC) have not only kept us focused on our goals with daily workouts,
they have shown that you can achieve anything with the right mindset!
Thank you guys for your continued support and inspiration!”

Tash K

” I had been looking for something a bit different, new and exciting to add into my workouts.
Not only do the guys at WODSQD make understanding the terminology really easy,
but I also have a lot of fun doing the workouts!
The SQD is amazing and has also become a way of getting friends together each week for
the workout and catch ups before and after.
Amazing workouts and a permanent in my programme now – great for mental and physical health!
Thank you! “

Bryony D

” Before the lockdown I used to go to the gym at least 5 days a week,
3 of those days I was having my “killer” (PT) session and some classes.
Unfortunately, things drastically changed with the lockdown and I found it very difficult
to find the motivation to exercise as I live in a small place and therefore
don’t have much space to complete any indoor workouts.
I was still keeping in touch with Ben and he was trying his best to make me move my ass,
which in some days made me super motivated to do so but in others not so much.
I started to gain weight again and that brought me down as I felt that all my hard work and dedication
prior to lockdown was going directly into the bin.

Thankfully, awesome news came along when WODSQD born and came into my life.
I was having conversations with two colleagues and they were in
similar situations to me, looking for that extra motivation.
I talked to them about what Alex, Ben and Charlie were doing
and we decided to join the squad together.
Every morning at 7:30 we join a video call and we do our daily workout,
we don’t let ourselves give up!

We started as beginners and after 2 months we were doing advanced level exercises
(in June things have changed a bit as the workouts have become harder
but we are working towards advanced again).

After one month I managed to lose four kilos,
I can also notice some more kilos have been lost as my clothes start to feel loose.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude to the guys, but I want to thank them
for always making us work harder and ensuring we remain motivated.

You are definitely one of the best things that this lockdown has to offer!
Big thanks WODSQD”

Yassi A