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At WOD.SQD our sole focus is to get you moving and to push you further and harder than you would normally push yourself.

This is why our subscription service is ideal for anyone looking to improve their fitness or to go that extra step and push outside of they comfort zones.

With our subscription service you will receive an email every day of the week. This will hit your inbox before your feet touch the ground every morning so you’re ready to go and hit your goals with the rest of the squad!

What does a typical WOD.SQD week look like?
Finding a balanced training program that covers all aspects of health and fitness can be a challenge. We want to take the time and stress of that challenge away for you by giving you five workouts, an active recovery session and a rest day email which may contain a recipe, some nutrition advice or a fitness article to read.
Typically your workout days will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday. With an active recovery day on Thursday and an article or recipe to try on Sunday.

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Every plan comes with a 7 day free trial
Our annual option includes 14 days free