Beginners Guide

“Everyone needs a starting point, but not everyone starts at the same point.”

Congratulations on wanting to make a change to become a healthier, happier and fitter version of you!
We understand at the beginning it can all seem a little daunting. First of all there’s the all the new terminology, let alone the worry of ‘am i doing the right thing?’ and ‘am i doing the exercises correctly and with good form, i don’t want to injure myself!’.

We’ve all been there, yes even us! Everyone has to start somewhere!

So to help get you started, and up to speed so you can join in our daily workouts with the rest of the squad, we have devised a 4 week Beginners Guide.

In your beginners guide you will have 2 workouts focussing on strength and cardio, 1 mobility workout and 1 recovery day workout with an article and recipe – each week for 4 weeks! Within the guide we really take it back to the basics, breaking up the movements into easy bitesize chunks with a periodised steady increase in intensity as you and the weeks progress.

Just as with our daily Subscription Service, all the exercises in our workouts are hyperlinks directly to our YouTube channel where you will see a video of our coaches demonstrating each exercise, ensuring you hit the workout with correct form, minimising any risk of injury or confusion.

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